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I had to go to my endocrinologist to re-evaluate my treatment for my hypothyroidism, because I’m still always tired. And he decided to do blood tests like Vitamin D, cortisol, TSH, and one other hormone related test. I smoked a weed in early june at senior week, and then literally two puffs a couple weeks ago. Will that THC mess with the results of the tests for those other things?

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  • Dr. Chris July 23, 2011

    No, it will not affect the results of these tests after consuming such a small amount of marijuana a month ago. However, the impact of regular marijuana smoking (if you do) could impact on various systems in the body and aggravate any underlying disease or affect normal physiological processes that may be responsible for the abnormal test results. It is always advisable to speak to your doctor about your concerns in this regard so that he/she are aware of any substances used that can impact on the results of diagnostic investigations.

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