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Hi there I suffer from blackouts, the cause so far is unknown. But approximately 3 months ago I blacked out and my arm musthave been on the red hot radiator even though i was fully clothed when i came around, I noticed 2 very large burns on my arm one right near the top of my arm and the other is just below the elbow. Despite being on antibiotics almost since this happened to the present time and antibiotic cream that i apply twice daily. The one at the top of my arm is scabbed over but is still not healed properly and the one below my elbow .. well thats a whole different story, it isnt healing at all, it continues to be very red and sore round the edge it has a small area that has turned black possibly like a small scab, but it constantly ouses pus, my doctor isnt really doing anything, he said it is a 3rd degree burn though. I am worried incase this is some form of mrsa .. what do you think? .. And should it have healed by now? After all it has been 3 months since it happened. I am very scared and worried, please if anyone can help r advise me of what to do then i would be extremely grateful.
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  • Dr. Chris January 14, 2011

    While it is a possibility that it is MRSA, there is no reason to suspect so right now. Instead you should focus on why the area may not be healing. Of course your account of the lack of healing is also subjective. If it really is a third degree burn then there is going to be scarring, if this is what you mean. There are number of causes of impaired healing including diabetes mellitus (common) and so on. These conditions may also account for your dizziness and blackouts. You should see a dermatologist who can examine the area and advise your further, but in the long run, the cause of your blackouts needs to be investigated and treated to prevent future recurrences (and future injuries) as well as possibly assisting with the healing of your wound.


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