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why do my feet an other parts of my body go numb mostly at night.I have had several M.R.I.’S , NERVE TEST. Test show L-5 herniated, CERVICAL NERVES in neck damaged, headaches, taste buds burning. The problem gets worse as the day goes on, laying down an sleeping it get’s to be horrible. Every doctor say’s something different, lumbar stenosis,not neuropathy,. Could this be my heart, not pumping enough blood when i’m laying down? Medication does not help, not depressed, i’m getting worse day by day , muscle spasms. A neurosurgian wanted to operate on my neck for arm numbiness an headaches but daid that would not fix the numbness problem in my feet. i know L5 was herniated in 1994 when i had a workman comp injury to remove the menicus cartilage in my left knee, that’s 17 years ago.A lot of problems in the past 2 years, some advise please–maybe a Chiropractor, i’m lost the DR.S DON’T CARE–COULD SOMEONE CALL 770-466-5217 I’LL PAY FOR THE CALL!

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