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When I have a bowel movement,sometimes not an easy task,but when I do; I also have a cramp or a feeling that my organs under the right rib cage is being twisted, what’s up??

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  • Dr. Chris January 21, 2011

    It is also important to realize that the colon runs across the upper part of the abdomen, and during a bowel movement, the colon undergoes a series of contractions to fill the rectum. Any abnormality of the colon at the area may lead to pain/discomfort.

    If you are having difficulty and straining, the can cause significant pressure within the abdominal cavity. This presses against the various organs within the abdomen and if any are diseased, it can cause pain in these areas.

    However the liver, gallbladder, kidney and even parts of the pancreas are located in the right upper quadrant. Disorders of any of these organs could be responsible for the discomfort that you experiencing.

    Another possibility to consider is a hernia. You should speak to your doctor or see a gastroenterologist who can run further tests in an attempt to diagnose the cause.


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