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My child vomiting green phelgm, what should I do? She has had a lot of drainage for about 5 days and had green mucus coming out of her eyes. Her peditrician gave her eye drops but she was still congested. She vomited almost 3 days ago and doesn’t have much appetite. She has barely eaten for the last 3 days. This morning she ate some scrambled eggs. She is now afraid to eat because she doesn’t want to vomit again. Help, what should I do?

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  • Dr. Chris February 5, 2011

    You should take your daughter back to the pediatrician immediately. It is possible that the infection is progressing to affect other parts of the body or complications may be arising that could be causing this. If she is suffering with a persistent cough, then it is possible that this is causing the vomiting as well. The fact that she is not eating does not bode well for her recovery, despite receiving treatment. Also try to start with a simple diet as outlined in the article below. Ensure that she is having sufficient fluids in the meantime until you can get her back to her pediatrician.


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