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If I sit in a straight-backed chair for any extended period of time (>15min) I will begin to get pain in my sacral area. Movement then triggers intense pain, after which I’ll usually spend the next day unable to walk comfortably.
I’m also getting persistent tingling in my feet. The intensity of the tingling varies from barely noticeable to full-on pins and needles, and seems to be unconnected to body posture.
A lumbosacral spine x-ray showed no abnormalities. Direct pressure to the spine causes no discomfort. I’m having no issues with urination, however defecation is uncomfortable and causes mild pain.
In the past I have torn the sacral ligaments (both sides, multiple times), however have not injured them in roughly a decade, and the pain I am currently experiencing feels different. I also suffer form a problem that presents as a poly-arthritic condition, but remains unidentified.
My doctor would rather not put me through more x-rays at present as I’ve had 2 others in the past 6 months, so has put me onto pain killers and is hoping this problem resolves itself rather than ordering CT scans.

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  • Dr. Chris December 11, 2010

    It is difficult to say for sure without having an x-ray, CT scan, etc. It could be related to the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles) or neurological (nerve). Sciatica is a common cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Another possibility is pain of the coccyx (tail bone), although you would feel this more in the buttock region.

    The concern is about this tingling that you are experiencing – while sciatic may cause this, it could also be related to complications of other conditions that you may have (for example – diabetic neuropathy in diabetes, peripheral arterial disease). Your doctor is fully aware of your history and should have taken all these possibilities into account.

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