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when i was havin sex this thick white discarg and chuncky stuff came out after be both had cam. but it wasent the coloer of are cum usaly. it was a totaly different coloer and thickness of it.

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  • felisha rollins January 6, 2011

    i was having sex with my boyfriend and we had both gotting off thin right after him pullin out i had this really white thick chuncky lookin discherg comming out. and it was not neather of are cums because if was a different coloer and thickness. what could it be? does it mean i have infectin


  • Dr. Chris January 6, 2011

    You need to speak to a doctor because it is difficult to say as there are number of causes. It could be an infection or just an excess of secretion, or even your boyfriend’s ejaculated. Your doctor will be able to advise you further. Take note of symptoms that may be indicative of an infection like pain or spotting when it is not your period, as well as any offensive odor of the discharge. Other causes could include pregnancy.

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