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November of last year I noticed I began to become tired a lot. It’s still that way. But I would get plenty of sleep and still be tired in the middle of the day. I just thought it was stress. So that kept on going up around December and that’s when I started to notice my legs and stomach area feel kinda stiff like. So I also felt like my groin area was stiff and uncomfortable. So I went to the doctor about it, and they didn’t say much, like it was nothing. So I said ok and I moved on. But just a few days I lying in bed asleep and I woke up around midnight. My whole left side was numb and stiff.

I could barely move my left arm. So I went to the doctor again, he said it probably was my nerves. I told him, I don’t get why this is happening. He said, I don’t either. So I went to the hospital, they checked me out and said they think it was a reaction to the medicine I was on. But I have been on it for over a year now. So I know that can’t be it.

So I recently started noticing that the food I smell isn’t how I use to smell it, you know what I mean? And when I eat, it’s like the taste isn’t fully there. It’s like I have 50% of smell and taste.
So that is going with me, and now when I walk I’m slouched over a little and my left arm is still stiff.

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