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I have sharp pains on the left side of my stomach,when l breath in it becomes very painful or when im walking will be feeling sharp pains.

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  • Dr. Chris February 9, 2011

    There can be various causes within the lower thoracic (chest) cavity or abdominal cavity itself. Or it could be due to the abdominal wall. The cause of pain on its own without other symptoms is difficult to isolate and you should see a doctor. It is important to note whether this pain is related to activity itself or heavy breathing as a result of activity. This can help your doctor isolate possible causes and then investigate further.

    Some of the possible causes could range from muscle strain, to hernias, stomach, spleen, colon, kidney and urinary tract disorders. In women, ovarian and fallopian tube disorders may also be responsible. You can take a look at this article http://www.healthhype.com/causes-of-the-left-abdominal-pain.html and identify possible causes that are relevant to your case. You will however need to see a doctor.


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