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my baby has alot of wax build up in his ear and a mildly severe dandruff

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  • te December 11, 2010

    Sometimes when you see baby has ear wax maybe due to water go into the baby’s ear when bathing. That is what happened to mine. And about mildly dandruff could be a craddle cap which occurs on lots of baby too which is normal. But do ask your personal doctor for more information.


  • Dr. Chris December 11, 2010

    Seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap) may be the “dandruff” that you are seeing. While there are over-the-counter shampoos for this skin condition, please do not consider using it without first speaking to your family doctor/pediatrician.

    NEVER interfere with a baby’s ear despite what you may have heard from “seasoned mothers”. Ear wax is a normal substance that occurs in the ear and is a means of trapping dirt as well as lubricating the inside of the ear. It will gradually pass out from the ear. Cleaning the ear on the outside is fine but never enter the ear canal. If you feel that there is excess ear wax, see a doctor.


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