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Every now and then I get very heavy periods. Its like once or twice a year and I don’t know why. My other periods are usually just 4 to 5 days and what I would say is normal. This month I had another very heavy period and I notice that my legs were very shaky and cramping after the third day. I have always been slightly anemic and I was wondering if this could be the cause of the shaky legs and leg cramps.

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  • Dr. Chris December 11, 2010

    It is very possibly related to anemia further aggravated by the excessive blood loss during a heavy period. This is not an uncommon symptom reported by anemics. However, other nutritional deficiencies like that of magnesium or calcium may also cause the cramping.

    You should also take note of the loss of fluid and electrolytes as a result of the bleed. Ensure that you keep yourself hydrated. It is advisable to speak to your doctor about these episodes and start on suitable supplementation. There is also the possibility that your symptoms are not related to the change in menstruation and could be due to various other underlying disorders.


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