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Had a ruptured ectopic 3 months ago and had right tube removed. No problems since. But having dull achy pain in lower right pelvic area for the past 3 days. Yesterday had slight spotting, dark brown in color. Today, spotting turned into bleeding and is now turning more red than brown. Just had normal period about 10 days ago.
Just wondering if I should be worried about this? Hate to go to doctor for nothing….but felt the same way 3 months ago and came really close to dying.

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  • Dr. Chris December 20, 2010

    You should see your doctor immediately. While your menstrual cycle may be disrupted and you could be menstruating again, the bleed could also be originating from elsewhere which may be related to your recent surgery. It is advisable that you speak to you doctor. Even if it is another period, your doctor will have to eventually take measures to stabilize your menstrual cycle if necessary.


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