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Ive had a bad bacteria infection this is my third round in 7 months and cant afford to see doctor and the free clinic is a months wait. My friend gave me some doxicycline hyclates 100mg its only enough for 4 days im on day 3 now and ive still got quite a bit of discharge. If i get a yeast infection does that mean the infection is gone or do you think ill have to get on the month long waiting list or is there any other remedy over the counter that would help fight off remaining bacteria? Please help!

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  • Dr. Chris January 23, 2011

    NEVER treat any infectious condition without seeing a doctor. Apart from complicating the condition further possibly to the point that future prescriptions may be compromised, delaying could also lead to serious or even life threatening conditions. Using leftover antibiotics for short periods of time greatly contributes towards drug resistance and your may find that the next time around you will need a cocktail of drugs and new generation antibiotics that are quite expensive.

    It is difficult to say whether you have an yeast infection and this is why you need to see a doctor. Discharge can be seen with bacterial infections and maybe a sign that your infection is progressing. Waiting for a month is quite long and you should go to your ER as soon as possible. Apart from life threatening complications, etc, you may also be affecting your future reproductive health by not seeking professional medical attention.

    You also need to see a gynecologist on a regular basis to identify the cause of your recurrent infections and treat it. Long term management may be necessary. Over-the-counter products are not a solution in this case.


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