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After being treated for UTI leading into a Kidney Infection I am now sore to touch not only in my stomach and sides now but all over my back and in my chest. It feels as if I have pulled muscles in the trunk of my body. This is hurting from my shoulder blades to my lower back, front and back. Don\’t know if what I should think of this.

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  • Dr. Chris February 22, 2011

    You should follow up with your doctor. In a recent infection of this sort, tenderness can be present for a period of time after the infection resolves. Depending on how long you had this infection, the damage to the kidney could be quite severe and hampering kidney function. This also needs to be assessed by your doctor.

    However, the concern is that the infection may still be persisting or even recurred. It is not very common for a urinary tract infection to progress to a kidney infection other underlying factors were involved, if your case was poorly managed or if you really did ignore it for so long that it led to this progression.

    You need to follow up with your doctor, discuss possible predisposing factors and seek medical treatment for this. Even if it is not currently an infection, some complications like kidney stones can develop following an infection and cause these symptoms.


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