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I get urticaria after eating, there is no link to specific foods, I can eat a food one day and be fine, then eat it the next day and have an allergic type reaction, but if I repeat the same foods the next day I’m fine. My reactions are worse at work (where I’m more stressed) but also happen at home, they are happening about every 3-4 days and last for about an hour, they vary in intensity from mild itching and blotchy to burning and stinging all over my body. I have seen an allergist and they have come up with nothing. All blood work fine, auto immune fine, no allergy markers in my blood, they haven’t done any food testing as there is no common area to test unless they do all foods. It never happens before I eat, always within half an hour of eating, on a couple of occasions I’ve only eaten a small amount but have been hungry. The only link i can see is the actual act of eating – can gastric acid production be a factor and if so why is it not happening every time i eat?

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