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WHAT CAN CAUSE EXCESSIVE PHYLIM AND SERVERE SHORTNESS OF BREATH To the point of passing out. i have been to hheart dr had all test were normal gasoraroligst did ipper and lower g i series normal… bit i am getting worse also my skin on hands only peel off in layers the sharp pains in my left lower abdomin have gottin worse to the point og oxycone 30 mgs 2 tabs 4 times a day as needed i am on steriods for 2 years predisone 20 mgs 2 per day the stomach pain has gone on for few years they said that m y food donb’t digest all the way but untill i am off steriods he can’t help mmy and my main dr said the steriods are keeping me alive by helping me breath i have o2 at home nubuliser as well… at times i feel i am not gonna make it as there is cancer in my family and in 94 i had cancer in my large intestine can you please help guide me in the right direction i was told my diaprahm may be paralized and my liver is grossly enlarged sp[een is enlarged the right side of my stomach is enlarged badly PLEASE HELP ME

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  • Dr. Chris July 25, 2011

    Your case is extremely complicated and VERY serious if the degree of respiratory symptoms has reached a point where you are fainting. This is not a case that can be managed on your own or in the home environment and you need to see a specialist physician IMMEDIATELY. Speak to your family doctor for a referral. You do not give much details about your cancer of the large intestine, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc that you may have undergone at the time. It is possible that there is metastasis (distant spread) to other organs which does not bode well for your condition overall. There is no way to say for sure through an online platform such as this and you need to see a doctor. Various other Various investigation will need to be done immediately. It is possible that some of your symptoms may be associated the use of chronic drugs, particularly the steroids, but it is likely that there is much more going on that needs specialist attention. Please do not delay.


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