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i have a friend that has started running into walls, gets disoriented, and dizzy. She has no insurance so has not seen a doctor. He mother died of a brain tumor, (prob. astrocytoma or glioblastoma). But i’m also concern because she’s married to someone who has tried to hurt her , and has taken large life insurance policies out recently. Is there any poison that could cause her symptoms,or should she concentrate on the neurologic possibilities only.

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  • Dr. Chris October 13, 2010

    Disorientation and dizziness could be due to a range of disorders. It is difficult to isolate the cause from these few symptoms and various diagnostic testing will be necessary after a complete physical examination. Your friend needs to see a doctor and even though she does not insurance, there are other “free” or low cost health services (in just about every country) that she can still access. Rather speak to a medical professional before making any assumptions as to the possible cause.


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