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what would be the bad effects of bridges to the original tooth(i have 5 tooth done a year ago)?and why there is a smell coming out the tooth,and while i wear my flexible with metal denture i feel pain,but before then i had my extract on my left side part of the tooth and now i feel pain after 4yrs on my xray i need to undergo root cannal,i always experience headache,sometime swollen face

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  • Dr. Chris August 25, 2011

    A bridge essentially compromises the structure of the teeth involved as the outer portions have to be removed in order for the bridge to sit flush with your other teeth. Food particles and bacteria can accumulate at the top of the bridge between it and the gum. Proper dental hygiene is therefore essential. A lot may also depend on the quality of dental work that was done and you should discuss this with your dentist. You have several questions, all of which may not be related just to this bridge, so it is difficult to comment much more without knowing your medical history. Any answer we may provide could be misleading. However, given the symptoms you are experiencing, it is important to seek advice from your dentist immediately.


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