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What can be the likely cause of excessive solid stool formation and it’s treatment.

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  • Dr. Chris August 19, 2011

    If by excessive stool you are referring to large volume / weight of stool then this is linked to a greater intake of food. The more you eat, the more stool you will form. Additional factors like maldigestion will mean that you food will not be digested fully/properly which can further contribute to the bulk. High fiber intake is another factor to consider as fiber cannot be absorbed by the human body, swells in the gut and cases large volume of stool. Lastly an greater intake of water and fluids that are more than what is necessary will also be passed out in the stool in addition to urine. If there is large volume of stool that is passed out in 3 or more bowel movements in a day then this may be diarrhea and there is many causes to this. Treatment is directed at the cause but your question was a bit unclear so it is best that you speak to a doctor in your area.


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