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when can we say that our tonsil is in normal condition, in my case i don’t know if it is normal or not because when i eat particularly rice it will get inside to my tonsil, i did not fill any pain, i just pick it out using a cotton buds to avoid bad breath.

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  • Dr. Chris February 22, 2011

    The tonsil is considered “normal” if it is not swollen, inflamed or causing pain or other symptoms like bad breath. You may have necrotic tonsillitis where many of these symptoms are absent but due to erosions in the tonsillar tissue, food gets trapped within it. Sometimes you may find white specks of food that closely resemble rice but are actually decomposed food that gets trapped within the tonsillar tissue. You should not be picking it out in the manner that you are doing as you can cause serious injury to the area. You should speak to your doctor as soon as possible and follow up with an ENT specialist (otolaryngologist).


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