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Ive recently had a tonsilectomy and i was wondering if anybody that has had one know how long it takes for the wholes where your tonsils take to fill up because when i eat food stays in there so everytime i eat i immediatly have to brush my teeth or rinse cause i could feel it in there really annoying???

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  • Dr. Chris August 25, 2011

    With the advances in surgical procedures for a tonsillectomy these days,healing is quick and complications minimal. The area should heal significantly even within days and by week 4 to 6, tissue healing should be totally complete. However, the reason for your ‘holes’ is a bit unclear without having it physically examined. Patients tend to report ‘holes’ when this isn’t exactly the case. If you are referring to the space in the area where your tonsils previously were located then this is normal. Some patients do experience problems with food getting stuck in the area. Small through-and-through holes may develop post-op but these are uncommon. However, if it is a hole that seems to be enlarging then you need to see your doctor. You should immediately consult with the otolaryngologist who did the procedure and have a further follow up assessment.


  • xochitl626 August 26, 2011

    Dr. Chris

    Thank you for answering this is the best forum. Your answer was very helpful, I get all scared cause I read all kinds of crazy stories about people that have had complications of tonsilectomys and before i had the tonsilectomy i was convinced i had cancer from reading up on so many scary stories.



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