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chronic sore throat for 1yr. seen throat dr. gastric dr.no help.send from one to the other have diagnois everything from tonsil to gurd no help

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  • Dr. Chris January 30, 2011

    There are various causes of a chronic sore throat as discussed in this article – http://www.healthhype.com/chronic-sore-throat-causes-symptoms-of-persistent-sore-throat.html

    GERD (chronic acid reflux) is a common cause but as you have mentioned, this has been exclude. You should see an ENT specialist (otolaryngologist) again who can investigate for other causes that may have not been considered initially.

    The presence of other signs and symptoms, even if it appears unrelated, may provide a clue to a possible diagnosis. Take note of whether you snore at night (ask your partner or somebody else who lives with you) as this could be another possible cause. It is also possible that the pain is not due to any pathology within the throat itself. A number of surrounding structures in the neck could also be responsible for this pain, even though it may seem like it is a sore throat. Your doctor will consider these possibilities if you have been unresponsive to medication and other therapeutic measures thus far.


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