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i feel pain to the left side of my stomach. what the problem may be? I have the problem in walking while both of my thighs touches with each other, what should i do first and the last?

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  • Dr. Chris January 25, 2011

    Pain on the left side of the stomach area (assuming abdomen) may be due to a number of cases. Some of the problems may be related to the stomach, colon, spleen, kidney or even heart in the upper parts and ureters, ovaries and fallopian tubes (in females), colon and so on (lower parts). Muscle strain, injury, and so on may also be a consideration. This article has a list of possible causes – http://www.healthhype.com/causes-of-the-left-abdominal-pain.html

    As you can see there are a host of possibilities and pain on its own is non-specific. If you have not noticed any other symptoms then it is difficult to isolate possible causes. You should see your doctor who will examine you and identify other features that you may have missed and possibly run further tests to diagnose a cause. This also depends on your medical history and current health status.

    In terms of the chaffing you are experiencing with your thighs rubbing against each other, you should consider weight loss and exercise. If you have noticed that your legs are swelling and therefore now rubbing against each other, you need to see a medical doctor immediately as this could be related to heart and kidney problems or even problems with the blood vessels in your legs.


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