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how long does cocaine stays in urine system

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  • Dr. Alison November 13, 2010

    Cocaine is highly addictive drug which may be snorted (inhaled as powder), injected or smoked. Cocaine is rapidly metabolized (broken down) in the liver, the main breakdown product being benzoylecgonine, which can be detected in the urine up to variable amounts of time. Only a tiny percentage of cocaine in its unmetabolized form gets excreted in the urine and can be detected there for a short period of time.

    Cocaine metabolites may be present in the urine from about 4 hours after cocaine intake. How long it can stay in the urine is dependent upon many factors, such as the form in which it is taken, the amount and frequency of use, age and sex, condition of the liver and kidney, whether taken in combination with other drugs or substances such as alcohol, and a host of other factors.


    It may clear up from the urine within 3 to 5 days after a single dose or may persist for up to 8 days. With extremely high doses, it has been detected up to 10 to 22 days after intake. In habitual users it may persist longer.


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