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what is the usual age to have prostate enlargement?

i am 32 years old and i was diagnosed to have kidney stones last year (october 2009) because when i was brought to ER, the doctors told me that i have the classical signs and symptoms of kidney stones. but, when i had CT-stonogram and KUB xray, it was negative. it is possible that the stones have dissolved?

prior to the extreme pain that i felt on Oct. 2009, I was already constipated for a year. Are they related?

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  • Dr. Chris December 30, 2010

    Many men report the start of symptoms as early as 45 years of age, although some may experience the onset of symptoms even earlier but this is not common. It is difficult to say whether the constipation is related because this appears to have occurred well before your episode and over 1 year has now passed. You have also not stated the cause of your constipation.

    If you are still experiencing symptoms, then you should see a urologist. If you have been symptom free in all this time then you may just be worrying unnecessarily and you rather speak to the doctor who did the tests to try to ascertain a cause. You may find more information in this article –


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