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Was diagnosed with cellulitis in Aug 2010. Had 2 weeks hoospitalisation with IV antibiotics then dressings for 2 weeks after leg “burst” open and oozed. My leg is still very swollen, coloured and hard skin, had ultrasound – no DVT. Scratched my leg 4 days ago and it has created a small sore which is oozing the same sort of stuff. Do I still have the infection? – because otherwise I feel fine.

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  • Dr. Chris January 14, 2011

    The infection may have resolve but you could have venous insufficiency. This is where the blood flow through the veins are impaired although you do not have a clot (thrombosis) at this point. You can read more in this article and see pictures of the skin changes associated with this conditions –

    It is similar to what you are describing and this is known as venous stasis dermatitis. An infection like cellulitis can damage the vein permanently, or the cellulitis could have arisen as a complication of pre-existing causes of venous insufficiency.


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