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Could the sudden onset of pain on the lower far left side just above the thigh of an 83 year old female who had cement in holes in bones of her back done in Oct, 2010 as well as neck and lumbar surgery for severe spinal stenosis about five years ago, but still has much pain in her back and is now in rehab three days a week be caused by a muscle or something simple?

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  • Dr. Chris September 12, 2011

    It could be muscular especially since the gait (normal movement in walking and standing) is impaired and therefore straining the muscles and its tendons. However, the person’s age and history brings many other possibilities into the picture here so there is no definitive answer that can be provided through an online platform such as this. It is possible that this pain may be stemming from a nerve, joint or even the bone itself. It is important to discuss this thoroughly with the supervising doctor and get more clarity.


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