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Is Suboxone a safe drug to use to help with the addiction to pain medications etc… Does it have any long term effects on the brain or any other part of the body??? thank you

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  • Dr. Chris December 4, 2010

    Suboxone is safer than using many opioid painkillers but it is not a “safe” medication overall. Most modern drugs have adverse effects so the term “safe” is somewhat relative in this context. Remember that suboxone has an opioid medication in it as well. But this opioid is less addictive and does not give you a high to the extent of other opioids. While it is also addictive, it is less so than other opioid medications and therefore easier to quit.

    Suboxone has a host of side effects like any drug. However the pain medication that you are addicted to is equally detrimental to your health. At least with suboxone, you have a chance to overcome your addiction if you are undergoing counseling and so on. Also remember that there is a difference between dependence and addiction.

    Speak to your doctor (who is currently prescribing the opioid medication that you are addicted to)and a drug counselor about your concerns. Suboxone is not the silver bullet in treating every case of addiction to painkillers but it has been a life saving option in many cases. Recovery is a combination of counseling, the proper support structures and adjuncts like suboxone.


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