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It’s keeping me from getting/keeping jobs.

Basically i hear people when they talk to me and sometimes i don’t understand anything they say. The words just pass and my brain sees them as garble.

Secondly, this happens more with Adult/Complicated language like in Jobs. Like when Health Insurance, Taxes, loans..etc happen. Also not just that but also when formulating opinions and arguments , my brain can’t do it very well especially in real time speaking.

So you can see, this afects me in jobs and everywhere including meetings at work etc. Also i’m unable to do customer service because of this

Now i don’t have a job because i wasn’t competent enough in the speaking so i couldn’t do it anymore. they fired me.

But anyways,
is this a disability? And how do i prove it? My therapist told me to get on Disability Insurance but the fact that i seem smart and normal in basic conversation means that they never would believe me.

I’ve never been tested but people who talk to me know how i get stuck and how i don’t understand them many times. That’s why i don’t participate in conversations and deep thinking kind of conversations. cause i’m very confused.

I can think about stuff and write but speaking in real time is really difficult.
I did have a brain injury as a kid but i’m not sure if it’s that. And anyways, how could i be tested?

The Speech Therapist i visited once, said that she would do an Assesment but it’s expensive.

Anyways I’m in my Early 30’s and I need a job but no one hires me cause I don’t match the speaking skills of typical people my age.

Should i try just take the Assessment? and see what happens?
And is this considered a disability?

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  • CharlyD August 13, 2011

    I’d like to add that because of this which i’ve had all my life. I went to school and University but never was able to comprehend many things. So i have alott of things and concepts that i don’t understand even if other people my age do.

    So this is a speaking/processing problem and also learning disability because when i was in school i was unable to learn things well because i couldn’t process it so i got bad grades.

    I can comprehend things like computer HTML, art, 3D, but in a high level. When it gets deep in theory etc I don’t understand. That is why i can’t discuss when people talk about politics/government/taxes/loans etc etc in a deep level.

    I”m also creative and memorize musics but speech just isn’t something that my brain can understand much.


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