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my partner is a guy,he has had a pain in his stomach on the left side its been there for a couple of days now?what can it be?

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  • Dr. Chris January 27, 2011

    Pain on its own is non-specific. It can be due to a multitude of causes and without other signs or symptoms present, it is difficult to narrow down the causes. Higher up in the abdomen could be related to problems with the lung or even heart, as well as the stomach, spleen, kidney, pancreas, or colon. Lower down may be related to the colon, pelvic bones, ureters and so on. Problems with the abdominal wall, related to the skin, muscles or even bones can also cause this pain. That is why it is important to take note of other symptoms that accompany the pain or see a doctor. Bladder infections which usually causes central pain can refer to the flanks. His doctor will consider doing other tests like an ultrasound after considering his medical history, current health status and findings during the physical examination. Since the pain has been persisting for a few days, it is advisable that he seeks medical attention immediately.


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