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Hi.. S really wish to get a reply.. I have slight stomach ache on my left side.. Not hurting Bt when i press it it kinda does show me the pain n also its hard merely lyk a balloon Bt nothin of the same on my right side.. What could be the problem??

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  • Dr. Chris February 21, 2011

    Pain on its own is difficult to diagnose and this is why you need to see a doctor who will assess you further and possibly run further tests to reach a diagnosis. Remember that the abdominal cavity has the most amount of organs so it could be related to any of the various systems. Trapped gas can sometimes cause a tight ball like sensation in the area with pain. Another possibility is splenomegaly (enlarged spleen) although it is not often painful unless very enlarged or diseased. Then it could be due to a tumor as well. You need to see a doctor because there is no way to know for sure without a professional medical assessment.


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