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i was wondering i have used creams like nix and lindane ect for my follicutis infection, they work much better than other creams like fuciden…over a two year period now lindane doesnt work so it got resistant to it…if i keep using fuciden the same is going to happen…that is why i hear from some people using regular soap is better than anti bacterial soaps..cause they cause super bugs too,,,real concerned about this…i told my doctor i was using lindane cream ..he didnt say not to…also i have a question as a person with continouus follucutis for over 6 years , am i called a carrier…and if i pass it on to someone what is that called, are they now a carrier too? and what medication do doctors prescribe for someone that just got it passed to them recently?(that isnt a fulltime carrier like me) ive bleached in bathes…im trying everything…can you buy marathion cream and sulfur creams in pharmacys in canada? without a prescription? what do u recommend ive done alot of antibiotics too…dont wanna get immune to those either??? help please

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  • Dr. Chris January 20, 2011

    We do not offer individual advice on treatment as it against our editorial policy. Users have misused this information without seeking advice from a doctor. Any information that you see in an article is as far as our contribution goes towards informing readers on treatment options.

    Each case has to be considered individually and your past medical history, current health status and so on all have to be taken into account. This is where proper management by your doctor comes in because “one size does not fit all”. Your doctor will be in a better position to address many of your questions.

    You cannot become “immune” to antibiotics but rather it depends on the drug-resistance of the causative bacteria. It is important to note that recurrent folliculitis as you describe needs to be investigated thoroughly, preferably by a specialist like a dermatologist. There are many underlying causes and treating the condition topically may only offer temporary relief, which is what seems to be occurring in your case.

    Generally the term “carrier” is used for a person who is asymptomatic although they have contracted an infectious disease and harbor the organism.

    You can find more information in these articles on folliculitis/staph infections but you should at this point be dealing with a specialist who can manage your case properly.


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