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hi i have another question, people with continuious follucitis, what is the percentage roughly of people that die from it? and what happens when u die from it does your organs eventually shut down? and also gastroligist infections( wrong spelling probably) infections where you have chronic diarea, chronic fatique, chills, kidney pain,…i know thers tons of things that cause these types of infections and they do stools samples ect…is this type of infection far more dangerous or life threatning than follicutis? what is the percetage of people that die from these type of diseases? does a doctor have to, or should tell you if your going to die, or if your ddiseses are life threatning? and how much time you have roughly left? i have both these types of infections so its probably aloy worse than having one of them,, any thing i can do to help? is thare certain vitims i should take to help my immune system fight these off? is vitimin b 12 best? thanks for the help

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  • Dr. Chris January 23, 2011

    As advised in your previous question (, you need to see a doctor. We cannot advise you on your condition specifically or even related conditions where you may misuse the advice given. A doctor needs to assess you as an individual, consider yuor medical history, run further tests and prescribe the necessary medication. Long term management would involve going back to see your doctor for follow up visits over a long period of time.

    You will be able to find the relevant information on the internet and we do not provide specific statistics. Even when certain conditions lead to death, a host of variables are involved including the person’s medical history, health status, therapeutic measures employed in each case and there is also age, gender and regional differences.

    Assuming that your condition may be fatal without any evidence to support this or trying to estimate your lifespan based on your symptoms is being quite short sighted. Your doctor is there to provide relevant advice for your specific condition. Since you are experiencing chronic skin infections, chronic diarrhea, chills, fatigue and so on, you could be immunocompromised (your immune system is not functioning optimally). This could be related to a host of conditions, like uncontrolled diabetes, HIV infection and so on. The prognosis in these cases will vary significantly from a person who is not immunocompromised with similar symptoms. Remember that it is about diagnosing the causative condition and not just assessing your symptoms because the same symptoms can exist in several, sometimes even different conditions, and the treatment and prognosis will differ.

    Seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.


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