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Can a person have aphasia even if i look normal.? and sound normal at times?

I don\’t have that much trouble in writing. I do (trouble)have it with essay writing but not with simple writing. ALso small talk is ok but i do struggle to find words.

I mean i can have text chats and i chat alot and i talk about everything and i can type fast and make thoughts. In chat it\’s easier but in talking in real life with my voice in real time, that\’s where i have the most trouble.

But anyways the main thing is I have a lot of trouble coming up with words to say, i often get stuck, stutter, can\’t think of words, can\’t remember..

Can\’t understand adult/advanced conversation. I often hear it and i can\’t understand it. OR i do understand but participating in it , i\’m just stuck i don\’t really understand how, i don\’t have words.

Anyways, can i have aphasia even though i can read fine and basic conversation is ok and writing is a lot of the times ok?

Recently i\’ve been thinking about going back to school for a career but I have a lot of struggle comprehending, especially advanced/adult stuff so that\’s why when i was in college I always failed the classes especially writing, math, and things that had to do with theory, like computer science: history, etc.

I\’m 31 but my speaking level is more like that of a 4th grader. and even worse at times.

At times i can manage to talk a few sentences fluently. but then i always come to a point where i\’m stuck and struggle.

I also speak 2 other languages but at the same level.
One is spanish, and it\’s worse than my english.
The other is
An asian language is the one where i kinda feel more confident and a bit more fluent but that\’s because in that language pauses and nodding and \”uhm\”ing is more accepted, even long pauses are common in that culture and accepted. so that\’s why i feel more confident.

by the way had a head injury from a car crash when i was like 7 years old. After that happened, i never really talked at all. I never talked in school and never had friends. When i had to do school presentations, it was pretty much a failure, but they would feel like pity for me or something and they would pass me cause i tried my best.

I never had friends from 6 to up to now.
Even i have problems understanding my parents when they speak to me. And talking to them, i often don\’t make sense.

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