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Submitted by Linda C

am a 45yr old female w sudden onset of small fiber neuropathy 10 mos ago. Skin bx showed significant nerve degeneration. Neuropathy has always been in legs and feet until a recently now my palms. For a month now I have extreme pain and stiffness in my neck and back (lumbar and thoracic) worsening. My legs are very weak and fatigued, I have shortness of breath upon slight exertion, fatigue, involuntary leg movements, HTN, tiny (pinhole) purple spots on my trunk and hx migraines 2 or more x week, hx of chronic yeast infections and endometriosis (resulting in complete hysterectomy yrs ago). MRI of brain and lumbar are clear, ANA consistently negative, however, recently tested positive for B2GP1 (IgM), all other blood tests are negative. My neurologist is referring me to a “pain management” MD and stated he believes the IgM was a false positive. Please advise me as to WHAT type of MD to see and any ideas as to WHAT I may have?

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