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Its been two years after my full hysterectomy now after sex I am having a very very small ammount of pink blood. Extremly light pink and goes away immediatly. It does not allways happen only sometimes. Why do you think this is? I am not in pain and have not had alot of sex, just recently started a very good sexual relationship,Do you think this will go away with time? Is this due to non sexual activity?

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  • Dr. Chris February 1, 2011

    You need to see your gynecologist immediately. The causes can vary from a urinary tract or vaginal infection, to atrophic vaginitis or even cancer. This bleeding could also be a result of injury to the vagina if it was once off but it is important to be cautious and see your gynecologist immediately. It is possible that an underlying disorder of the genitourinary tract was exacerbated by intercourse but sexually transmitted diseases are another possibility. Don’t let the absence of pain distract you from the possibility that serious disorders may be responsible for your symptoms.


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