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Hi there,
I have always had sharp shooting pains in my head, as a child i had it whenever i wore my headband and my adult years i have it happening when i turn my head suddenly or chew an apple or something hard. i havent had it in a while, like 6 months or so. i also always have had a history of migraines and headaches. in june/july i started having really heavy pressure headaches, where it feels like i want to faint because it hurts so much, not like a proper migraine, its like pressure around my head. so i saw my doc and he refered me to a neurologist. he said i had low pressure headaches due to csf leak. we did cat scans, mri’s blood test etc but could not find the leak, eventually he did a lumbar puncture actually two and then a bloodpatch. i was out in my bed for 3 weeks from start to finish. now recently i have had a really stiff neck, very tired, and dizzy. also have pain in both my limbs, feels like my bloodsupply is being cut off. like when you would have a bp cuff on too tight. same feeling. anyhoo, i was wondering of all this could be related. i also have pain in my eyes, i had that really bad before the bloodpatch and these days it is getting sore again when i wake up in the morning and move my eyes. it is also sore to the touch. more sensitive than it would normally be to touch your eyes. in the back of my neck sometimes when i get very tired or have done quite a bit around the house my vertibrae sticks out in a knot, its like a hard bulge and its sore to the touch. right where i bend my neck forward at the base of it.
i am sooooo tired. please could you assist or direct me in the right direction.

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  • Dr. Chris December 6, 2010

    You should see your doctor immediately as this recent episode may be meningitis and needs immediate medical attention. It would explain almost all of your recent symptoms.

    It is important to follow up with your neurologist as your original condition may be progressing. While the cause of the leak could not have been isolated previously, it may now be detectable and follow up consultants are crucial in reaching a final disgnosis and commencing with the proper treatment.

    You can read up more on pressure headaches in this article :


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