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My partner has a swollen testical its very painful, today he was put threw a series of STD testing, this was very paiful & upseting, we are being told its a possible std my question is was this nessary to lead us to belive this was the cause without ruling all possible options first. if the test are negative for any std whats our next step towards getting results quickly

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  • Dr. Chris February 22, 2011

    This is just a standard consideration in a sexually active man and from the initial title of your question (which had to be changed), your boyfriend should not consider it as a personal judgement by the doctor. Unfortunately collection of samples may sometimes be painful but is necessary.

    Once an STD has been excluded, only then will other causes be considered. This is just standard practice to rule out the more common causes and then investigate less common causes. Should the tests be negative, his doctor will discuss further considerations based on his medical history, current health status, any other findings upon examination and risk factors associated with his age group. If common conditions have been excluded, you boyfriend may then need to consult with a urologist.

    * Please choose a health related title for your questions in the future.


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