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My 83 year old father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 7 years ago.He is being treated for Parkinson’s disease with the medications below now: 4.5x Madopar125 mg(lavadopa),1x Azilect30mgt(rasagline),1xPKmerz100mg(amentadin),1 Dideral(for tremor) 1 Cipram, 2 drops of Rivotril(for rem sleep disorder)..His heart and general health condition is quite good.
He can walk properly, the start of the movements like standing up are sometimes uncontrolled and hurried away,he can hardly stand up from soft sofas and bed, can’t put on his clothes himself(it’s very very hard and taking too long), can’t write nor talk clearly.Unfortunately latey, his cognitive abilities have been diminished as nor being able to find the right word for something and most vital of it, from time to time and getting quite often, he has severe difficulty in swallowing even well boiled potatoes or sometimes only liquid..We had to save him with first aid maneuvers but we as his family want to do the best..Is there a way to prevent this problem with his medications higher doses, readjustment or any other medication? Or is it helpless?What should we expect in these stages and how can we get the most helpand precautious treatments? For example, is speech therapy really useful for this swallowing issue?Would Alzeimer medications be any relief for him to have a better way of communication and expressing hmself? We have been told that they could increase his tremor which hardly exists and mostly when in stress?
Thank you in advance sincerely

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  • Dr. Chris February 6, 2011

    Your father’s case seems to have progressed quite significantly and his age is another complicating factor here. Please note that we cannot comment on individual cases, prescribe treatments or even make suggestions of measures that may help your father. The information you are providing may not be an accurate representation of the actual case. Your father is obviously being managed by a medical specialist lie a neurologist who will be familiar with his case, responsiveness to medication and any other complicating factors. Trying to make changes without the doctor’s advice can be dangerous and even put your father’s life at risk.

    Yes, working with an occupational therapist and speech and language pathologist could help to improve his verbalization and even his swallowing but as mentioned previously, this is dependent on his individual case, age and his body’s ability to respond to these techniques. It may not work for your father although it could be helpful for others. This is a typical case of one size does not fit all.

    Reading up on the internet, communicating with other Parkinson’s patients and so on is helpful for both patients and care givers but it is ultimately the doctor who is overseeing the case who is in the best position to respond to this matter and make the appropriate decision.

    Please do not ever consider changing your father’s dosage or even switching to other medication without medical advice. Remember that there may be other underlying factors at play here, beyond the Parkinson’s disease, and you may not be aware of how these other conditions could affect the overall case. The article on difficulty swallowing in Parkinson’s disease – – is a general overview on the topic but ultimately you should discuss your father’s case with his supervising physician.


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