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What would you like to ask? Doctor sent me for colonscopy and said had holes in my bowel. The pain lately has been excrutiating and goes into my bum cheek and down my leg. Suffered from bloating in my stomach which stops me from eating as i feel am going to explode, when this is happening i feel the acid in my stomach rising to my mouth and to top it all off I have constipation. what should I be saying to doctor now as i cant go on like this?

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  • Dr. Chris January 30, 2011

    Your acid reflux and ulcers if present will be treated with medication. The same goes for the constipation. If you mean a bowel perforation by “holes in the bowel” then this is a medical emergency and your doctor would have considered surgery immediately. So it is unclear what exactly you are describing by this, unless you mean ulcers. Here too medication would initially be prescribed, followed by surgical intervention if you do not respond.

    Your doctor must have prescribed medication and then sent you home. If you are not responding to the medication then go back to your doctor and report this. Further investigations may be considered and your prescription may be changed. Only your doctor knows your case history at this time so you need to follow up with him/her. Just report your symptoms and take not of exactly what is making it better/worse and other symptoms that arose at this time. Based on your report and the results of investigations, your doctor will take the necessary action.


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