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Ive been having these weird symptoms. Every few weeks, I have these mood swings. I feel hopeless during the mood swings. And before, I feel pressure in my chest.
Then, every couple of weeks i develope a new crush (infatuation) on men i never would normally find attractive. And sometimes i feel short of breath, coupled with tachycardia, which gets better with rest.
Is this some kind of overproductive gland disorder? Advice plz.

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  • Dr. Chris November 24, 2010

    It is difficult to say. It could be entirely psychological but it is also possible that it is hormonal (menstrual cycle) in nature, especially if you have a history of PMS. You should see an endocrinologist who will conduct the relevant tests to verify whether any of your endocrine glands are malfunctioning. Otherwise counseling may be necessary.

    This article will guide you on the type of endocrine glands in the human body with a list of hormones and its functions.


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