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Had a house guest after leaving found out she had scabies. What are the chances that my family could get this? I have been itching to death at the thought of it. So I don’t know if I might have it or it’s just the thought of it. I am freaking out. I have a special needs child with a low immune system. I have cleaned everything, washed everything in hot water, spayed with the lice spray on my couch, carpet, curtains, beds. Covered all beds in plastic mattress covers. What else should I do. What are the chances we might get this. Our house guest was here for 6 days. Then we were gone on vacation for 4 days and away from our house before we even found out she had it. Good old foster care system, they never tell you things that can hurt your own family. I am very upset. I can’t quit thinking on it so I don’t know if I am just stressing myself out to the point of it being in my head or do I have it. This is horrible. My face is itching to death, my eyelids, my head, the bends of my legs and around my top of the legs in the creases. HELP! I am itching during the day and early evening, not at night at all…. Is this all in my head. I do have a few little bumps but could they be stress related?

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