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what would cause right upper abdominal spratic pinching pain? Had an ultrasound and everything was normal. Also have IBS and maybe gerd.

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  • Dr. Chris February 3, 2011

    An ultrasound cannot conclusively detect every pathology in the area and a lot also depends on the skill of the practitioner. It is not uncommon for IBS sufferers to have intestinal cramps and this can be felt in the RUQ. Since you mention IBS, it is advisable to have a colonoscopy to exclude any other pathology that has gone by undetected.

    You also mention GERD “maybe”. This should be conclusively identified and an endoscopy may also be advisable. Pain on its own is non-specific and without other signs and symptoms, it is difficult to identify. However given your history of gastrointestinal conditions, it may also be worth considering gastritis, peptic ulcers and so on.

    Not sure what you mean by “spratic” but if you mean sporadic then you should carefully monitor what may be bringing it on or relieving it. If you mean spastic then this could be IBS which is also known as spastic colon.


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