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what causes my face to be real red sometimes and then real pale sometimes?

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  • Dr. Chris November 16, 2010

    Redness or paleness of the face is a result of the superficial blood flow in the skin of the face. When dilated, these blood vessels allow more blood to flow through and this creates a redness.Dilation may occur due to heat (thermoregulation), emotion, inflammation or linked to certain toxins within the system that affect these vessels.

    Paleness is when the blood flow is less. However, it is important to differentiate between natural skin pigmentation and paleness. Lighter skinned individuals, with a naturally pale complexion may appear as such due to ethnic differences. Redness or flushing in these individuals are more prominent. Paleness or pallor could also be a symptoms of some underlying, sometimes serious problem, as is seen with anemia, severe blood loss or heart failure.

    The causes of pallor are discussed in this article :


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