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how do patients look after reconstructive surgeries. I had the left side of my face blown off from an explosive device, that nearly hit my daughter and her cousin who were both 4 at the time. I have already had several surgeries to rebuild my face and its structure, I have never really inquired into what the final surgery would give me for results. Not because I was afraid, but more that it does not really matter to me because my little girl gets to live and live without scars, bumps, or putting it very bluntly, live without looking weird and having some people pointing, questioning, drawing unfounded conclusions, or just plain scarred or mean. I am curious, though, what I can expect as far as results. I am totally amazed at what has already been accomplished. I just recently, due to my own choice, seen pictures from about an hour or so after the incident. I could not believe the severity that I suffered. I am already so amazed that my doctors have been able to do what they have. The really awesome thing about it all, with how I feel about how I look is, I feel more beautiful now than I did a few years ago. For that matter, most of my life. I always had struggles with my looks no matter how much someone told I was beautiful. Now, I look in the mirror and I don’t feel that negative way. I am curious though how much will they be able to do for me?

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  • Dr. Chris December 20, 2010

    There is no way for us to answer this. Your doctor and the surgeon will be in the best position to give you an idea of what you can expect. A lot depends on just how severe your injury was at the time of the incident and how well you respond to each surgery. Of course, there are limitations to surgery but at the hands of a skilled surgeon who is experienced with this type of injury, you will somewhat be able to know what to expect. Good luck.


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