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I have developed a rash of small barely visible pin prick sized itchy bumps first noticable on my inner arms, then that night to lower legs, then today to eyelids. Although barely visable and nearly colorless they are most noticable on my inner arms, barely noticable on my eyelids (wouldn\’t have noticed them if not for minor eyelid swelling and very itchy) and cannot even see them on my legs but assume the severe itching that started near simultaneously (or maybe sooner but I thought was just dry skin) as the rash outbreak that was first noticed on my inner arms. I am a 42 year old 395 pound 6\’4\’ male that has recently lost 40 pounds over the last 6 months in preparation for weight loss surgery in the near future. I am not taking any new medications and their are no new detergents or cleaning products in my house. I went to the hospital over 10 days ago for a heart catheterization to receive cardiologist clearance for the upcoming weight loss surgery and was advised all is well with my heart. I did not notice any of these rash symptoms until 2 or 3 days ago meaning no symptoms after heart cath procedure for about a week. My only non weight related health issues would be sinus type allergies controlled well with Zyrtec D and mildly elevated liver enzymes from several years of daily drinking or excessive weight or both but my doctor has monitered the enzymes for years and has never indicated I was in any immenent danger while continuing to remind me that some day I will have to quit and I have cut back significantly compared to my 20s and thirties. I take meds for cholesterol, high blood pressure, heartburn, and other over the counter vitamins (fish oil, multi-vitamins, etc.) but as I stated I have taken these things for years and none have changed. I have an upper GI scheduled for this coming Tuesday but wander if I should re-schedule it? Do you think this could be something I picked up in the hospital or something they injected me with during the heart cath procedure over 10 days ago? I showed my pharmacist who shrugged it off to allergies
and recommended some anti itch sprays and creams so I would assume allergen levels to be high right now and have a heavy duty hepa filter air purifier in the bedroom in which I sleep. Please advise. Thank you.
My scrotum has been itching badly as well which actually started a few days before I had my heart cath procedure over 10 days ago but I assumed it was jock itch and have been treating it with lotramin spray which burns at first and then subsides but the itching persists. I also assumed after getting my crotch shaved for the heart cath that was causing itching as well but now I wonder if all the itching is related to the above symptoms. Other than itching and redness there are no other visable symptoms on my scrotum.

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