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my 13 year old has felt weird since her perod last week and has had random spells in which she feels ill enough to take her breath away. The stomach cramps like you would feel before vomiting and gives you a weird sensation and then goes away just as fast as it was brought on. Occurred during basketball game yesterday but today was when she was sitting in a chair. Usually happens 5 times a day with no particular kind of activity.

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  • Dr. Chris January 25, 2011

    Medical attention is necessary since this sensation is persisting for so long. It may be related to hormonal factors associated with her menstrual cycle but could also occur in a host of infectious and non-infectious conditions. The lack of other symptoms should not exclude other condition unless a doctor confirms so. This could also be related to the use of certain drugs (medication). Pregnancy should also be ruled out. Your doctor will be able to advise you further.


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