Nonstop generalized headache , no effect of any pain killer?

I am suffering from nonstop generalized headache since last 2 weeks. I had same problem before 7 month and it was self cured after almost 2 months and my headache is always start due to another problem. last time i had tonsilitis and after cured of tonsilitis headache became to start and now i had diarrhoea and aftet it cured I am suffering from headache. I did CT scan and it shows normal and other blood test all are normal.
No any pain killer medicine reduced my headache and I visited several doctors and all are saying normal but I am not cured by this headache. please give me suitable suggestion as well as treatment?
thank you.

User Asked on September 2, 2016 in General Health.
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There are various causes of a headache, and as you mentioned, previously it was associated with tonsillitis and then diarrhea. While headache is a feature in these conditions, it is possible that it was not caused by any of these problems but instead exacerbated during these periods. Only your doctor will be able to advise you further based on the results of the tests conducted, your past medical history and significant clinical findings.

As you would have read on this article on constant headaches (, there are various syndromes that can causes these episodes of headaches which can then be persistent for a period of time. We cannot suggest a treatment without knowing the cause which is the same dilemma that your doctors would be facing. It may be advisable at this point to see a neurologist who will run further tests and assist you further.

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Right now you are not experiencing any other symptoms apart from the headache so it is difficult to guide you further without relevant diagnostic investigation. It is worth noting though that neck muscle spasm is still one of the most common causes of a headache even though there is no obvious neck pain.

User Answered on September 2, 2016.
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