I have used my brother shaving razor to cut my pubic hair? Does this affect my immune system

Q: I have used my brother shaving razor to cut my pubic hair? does this affect my immune system or is this dangerous for me?

A:  Dr. Chris

I am assuming that your brother has already shaved with the said razor. You should never share items for personal hygiene, especially sharp objects. Yes, it could be dangerous. If your brother has a serious infectious disease like hepatitis B then this could be transmitted to you should there be any contact with blood. As unlikely as this is with a razor, it is nevertheless something to bear in mind. Hepatitis B can be fatal.

Sharing personal items such as a razor can cause allergic reactions or even skin infections. An allergic reaction is an immune response so if this is what you mean by affecting the immune system then yes. Remember that you could also transmit infections to your brother if he decides to use it afterwards.

User Asked on September 10, 2016 in Men’s Health.
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