How long to see HIV test result?

Q: How long to see HIV test result?
Also Swolen lymph node without any pain in neck, should this be cuase of concern

A: You can speak to your doctor about new generation tests that are effective in detecting HIV in the very early stages. The “window period” is usually 6 weeks although these days it has come down to about 4 weeks or so depending on the availability of facilities in your region. Speak to your doctor immediately. A swollen lymph node is always a cause of concern but this does not always mean that it is serious. Since you are concerned about HIV infection, then you may have been partaking in some activity that can be considered as risky. In this instance, your lymph node swelling should be immediately investigated.

User Asked on September 10, 2016 in Infections.
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Michael mwale

My girlfriend is in the same boat for the tests,it all depends with which one is at your disposal.u can do a rapid antibody test at 12 weeks.and at 6 months.the lymphnode surely should be a sign of concern to u

User Answered on September 10, 2016.
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